* Denotes Required Inputs

Please note that all credit application forms must be accompanied by a current written bank reference

Any credit granted to me by Office Equipment Services Ltd pursuant to this application shall be subject to the following terms that I hereby agree:
1. to settle the account within 5 days of receipt of the account statement
2. that if the account is outstanding more than 30 days from the invoice date, the account will be placed on hold until paid in full
3. that the following individuals are authorized to charge on this account:
4. That credit privileges may be cancelled at any time by Office Equipment Services Ltd without notice and in any event if the account becomes in default.

All statements of fact contained in this application are true and complete and such application includes the express representation that I am not being sued; that no judgment is outstanding against me and the company may obtain such further information as it may require and for such purpose make inquiries of others.

Signed on this day of 2022.